This coming summer we would like to travel you to the historical island, named Hydra.

   Hydra, is 1,30h away by speed boat from Piraeus port and not far from Athens International Airport. Complete absence of cars, motorcycles and bicycles make Hydra different from any other island. During eighteenth century, wealthy local ship owners had build mansions and cultural monuments, which are included in the list of World Heritage sites by Unesco. Flourishing of tourism started at 50's when the Greek ship owners Aristotelis Onassis and Stavros Niarhos began visiting the island with their famous friends. Winston Churchill, Kennedys, Maria Kallas, Giovani Anielli, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot where lovers of Hydra. In 1957, the film "The Child and the Dolphin" with Sophia Loren , presented Hydra worldwide. Now, almost 60 years after, it remains the most popular destination for famous artists, who are always inspirated from the beauty, silence and pure tradition of the island. Nowdays, often visitors are Queen Sofia of Spain, Albert and Paola of Belgium, Camilla Parker, Konstantinos of Greece, Bill Gates...

   The property offered has been donated from Aristotelis Onassis to a relative of Holland's Royal family and on 2006 sold by her to the present owner. At the picturesque port of Kamini, the property is an estate of 2.950sqm, surrounded by a traditional stone wall of 1,5-2 m high with two Hydra architectural entrances. The property is the largest in the island's master plan, having a breathtaking view to the sea and the village. Recently has been constructed a Villa of 220sqm, divided in two levels. The Ground level with a living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom, whereas in the 1st floor with 2 master bedrooms and one more room. Two similar villas for family and guests will be constructed this year. As the estate is the largest in the island's master plan, three additional villas can be built.

   Neighbour buildings are mansions of Kountouriotis, Kriezis, famous painter Gikas and the ex-property of Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic) now of shipowner A.Polemis's. Also Prokopiou International Land owners, bought properties in the vicinity. The area is full of olive trees and pines.